Project Description

Envira, LLC owns a materials recovery facility (MRF) located at 7326 Old Compton Road in the Gainesville Magisterial District of Prince William County, Virginia. The facility processes Construction and Demolition Debris (CDD), primarily concrete, asphalt, and wood, for reuse. Current site activities include: delivery of CDD materials, material sorting and separation, material crushing, removal of processed materials from the site, and equipment storage. The storage method of raw and processed materials is static piles. Envira intends to expand operations at the site to meet the CDD recycling needs of Prince William and surrounding Counties.

Proposed site improvements include equipment and machinery to increase the speed and efficiency of processing the CDD materials, relocation and replacement of truck scales and constructing buildings to house the processing equipment and administrative offices. On February 24, 2015, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors approved Special Use Permit SUP #PLN2014- 00348, which generally describes the improvements. A subsequent minor modification, #MOD2021- 00005, approved by Prince William County on February 16, 2021 included the following revisions:

  • Increase of allowable gross floor area to 41,800 square feet;
  • Increase of the allowable building height to 50 feet.

Envira intends to proceed with construction of the improvements, as the demand for CDD recycling has significantly increased in the region. Provision of this valuable recycling service is essential to the conservation of landfill space, and is beneficial to the businesses and residents of Prince William County. The approximate location of the facility is shown on the map below.